Be a Little Spark!

Olaiya and John from Seattle, WA spent many hours discussing how to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting world-changing organizations. Their goal is to raise funds through a series of social events and dinners. The proceeds from these affairs are used to support women in war-torn countries through Women for Women International!

Olaiya and John not only host monthly events, but they also write about them and share pictures on their blog:

From the blog….

“We hope that the project grows and becomes more ambitious as time goes by. However we evolve, we would like to keep a consistent set of values. Our goal is to make use of Olaiya’s considerable talents in the kitchen, provide vegetarian-friendly meals and tastings, attempt to cater all events with local, organic produce, and keep costs low enough that everyone can participate. We intend to focus on building an ever-increasing sense of community.”

Check out their events if you live in the Seattle area! You can also start your own project or blog to support Women for Women International!

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