The Trouble with the Alphabet

Artist and first time author Caryn West has written The Trouble with the Alphabet: Through the Eyes of Innocence, a story of human rights violations and their impact on the children who suffer from them. Through beautiful artwork and compelling stories, Caryn strives to enlighten her readers about the truths of suffering for women all over the world today. She then goes on to use her compelling book as a call to action for all who read it. Women for Women International is one of the organizations Caryn has highlighted! Check out the YouTube video to spread the word and buy the book at The Trouble with the Alphabet Website.

The Trouble with the Alphabet will be officially launched at the Ditto Gallery Friday, October 24 from 5-9pm. The Ditto Gallery located at 1224 Speer Blvd in Denver, Colorado is known for bringing social concerns to light and highlighting artists who strive to make a difference. At the Ditto Gallery website you can read about the exhibit which will feature Women for Women International and the work we do with women survivors of war on a wall of supported organizations. The free exhibit will run from the launch on October 24 until December 20th so be sure to check it out if you are in the area.

The Trouble with the Alphabet is a beautiful example of the diverse and creative ways through which anyone can spread awareness and stimulate change.


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