Bearing Witness – Perspectives on Women around the World

A group of local artists from Kennebunkport, Maine decided to raise awareness for Women for Women International using their unique and creative efforts in “Bearing Witness,” an exhibit displaying art that brings its viewers into the lives of women survivors of war. The proceeds of the event benefited Women for Women International.


Christine Ingewerson, organizer of the event, said she got the idea for “Bearing Witness” by reflecting on the views in her own life, the view from her studio, her kitchen window, her backyard. Realizing the luck that had given her such serene perspectives, she decided that she needed to connect images of conflict to those around her. Using materials collected from her back yard, Christine has brought the stories of women survivors of war into her community using her stunning talents. The event took place on August 22, 2008 in Kennebunkport, Maine and was a shining success. Thank you Christine and fellow artists for sharing your unique and beautiful perspectives in support of empowering women worldwide!


Some of the stunning pieces from the show.


Guests mingle and admire the artwork.

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