Temple Ner Tamid Reaches Out

On September 21, Temple Ner Tamid held an event to kick off the sponsorship program that is a part of the synagogue’s year long drive to support Women for Women International. With a goal of raising $10,000, this synagogue in New Jersey has found a dynamic way for the women of its congregation to reach out to women survivors of war.

This effort has been lead by Marcia Kramer who is a sponsor herself and shared her joy from the relationship she has built with her sister Miradije Berisha from Kosovo. Now sponsoring her second sister, Marcia is inspiring her fellow congregants to sponsor and support a survivor of war.

In addition to hearing from Marcia, Temple Ner Tamid members watched a video and heard from Grassroots Marketing Officer Patty Pina who answered questions and explained the sponsorship process. Women lined up and one by one became a sponsor for a woman who would join the Women for Women International program. Through a special arrangement, the women were able to meet their sister’s immediately after signing up, receiving her picture and bio and seeing the face of the woman they would support for the next year.

Thank you Temple Ner Tamid for your support and effort to help women survivors of war!

Volunteers help women sign up to sponsor a sister.

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