Don’t just read about it – Become a part of the movement!

If you have been inspired by one of our supporters, want to recreate it or have a great idea of your own, please let us know! Make a huge impact by spreading the word and sharing our work with your community, family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Introduce them to women survivors of war and the work Women for Women International is doing to change their lives forever as they move from victim to survivor to active citizen. Your event can be as large and extravagant or as simple and intimate as you want. You can do so much with a little bit of effort and some imagination.

Visit Host an Event at the Women for Women International website to get your plans started and find useful materials including brochures and videos to share with your

Once you have set a date and decided how many guests you’ll have – email Kate Siegfried at so we can help you with any of your questions. Also, don’t forget to take photos – we’d love to share your stories here so you can inspire someone else!


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