Walk for Congolese Women

In an effort to raise awareness and support for female victims of violence and assault in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Yaka Kumungi and the African Center of Michigan took action in their community in Grand Rapids. Mr. Kumungi organized an event that brought over 200 women and men from the community together for a walking tour, special presentations, and traditional African music and dance.


Participants in the Walk for Congolese Women walked up to 6 miles! For those who weren’t up to the 6 mile trek, there were presentations by local community leaders from the YWCA and local churches. Chairperson for Congolese Women Jeannette Kabanda also spoke about her experience as a witness to violence in the Congo. The day ended on a celebratory note with traditional African music and dance.

Thank you to Mr. Kamungi, The Calvin Christian Reformed Church, African Community Church, YWCA, and Kent County Sexual Assault Prevention Action team for your generosity, hard work and support of Women for Women International!


Community events are essential in order to spread awareness and mobilize support for women in need across the globe. To find out more about hosting your own event click here.

Supporters walk for Congolese Women on August 23, 2008

Supporters walk for Congolese Women on August 23, 2008


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2 responses to “Walk for Congolese Women

  1. Stephanie Zepelin

    I am a broadcast journalism student at the University of Missouri! I want to do a story on the amazing things that this organization is doing. I was wondering if there is anyone in Missouri who would be willing to speak with me. Also, are there any runs happening in Missouri?
    PLEASE let me know!
    I would love to help you ladies spread your message!

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