Women for Women International Country Directors visit Google

Today, we visited the Google campus in Mountain View, CA with Christine Karumba, Country Director for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ngozi Eze, Country Director for Nigeria.  We couldn’t take pictures in the buildings but grabbed this quick one by the sign.


Google sponsors talks like this often and makes the recordings available on YouTube.  As soon as the recording is posted, we’ll make it available on our web site.  In the meantime, I wanted you all the know about the kinds of questions Googlers had for Christine and Ngozi and the cool work that we do together already.  Ngozi and Christine both talked about the Men’s Leadership training courses that we offer in Nigeria and now the DRC and they were asked how men are enrolled for that program and what level of interest communities had in it given the state of women’s issues in their locations.  Ngozi told us about how she worked with local government and community leaders and asked them who they wanted to attend their training.  In this way, she had support of local leadership and the men who were chosen had some distinction in being asked as well.


Josh Mendelsohn, our host at Google, asked about how well we do or don’t work with the governments local and national where we work.  This gave Christine an opportunity to talk about the work her offices are doing with the Women’s Affairs Council of the government in the DRC.  She has worked hard to establish Women for Women’s leadership role in the country so that the government may look to us as a resource.  Ngozi talked about working at a very local level in each of the communities we work in and how the local support is key to bringing us into a community.  We also talked about how important having local leadership of our programs is to Women for Women International’s credibility on the ground and with the governments.


Tanya Keen, a sponsor who works at Google Earth was there so we got a chance to thank her in person for the Google Earth layer she created for Women for Women International. Look for more later when the video is posted.



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