Women for Women International partners with RAISE Home for Congo Campaign!

Women for Women International has partnered with the RAISE Hope for Congo campaign to kick off the Congo Challenge, a three month program that will work with activists to expand the movement for Congo and familiarize them with the many ways that one can be an advocate for Congo. The Challenge will take place from March through May 2009, and each month will focus on a particular avenue for activism: RAISE Awareness, RAISE Your Voice, and RAISE the Profile. Participants will be given a menu of actions that they can take each month, which will be supplemented with backgrounders, training guides, conference calls, videos and activist profiles. 


Sign up now or visit www.raisehopeforcongo.org for more info.


You can share what you’re doing to take action and make an impact by posting thoughts, photos, and video on the in the Congo Challenge Forum and inspire others to get involved!


If you’re looking for another way to raise awareness and sponsorships for Congolese women, join Women for Women International in the Run for Congo Women. Run for Congo Women was created as a grassroots movement to send a message of hope and dignity to women living through this conflict. Runs will be held all throughout the country in 2009, click here to learn how to get started.


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