Media Alert – Women for Women International on PBS’s The NewsHour


Who: Women for Women International Staff and Participants in Afghanistan

What: PBS’s The NewsHour

When: Friday, March 20 at 7pm ET (check local listings)

PBS The NewsHour correspondent Margaret Warner visited our offices in Afghanistan to view first hand the status of women in Afghanistan and how women in war-torn regions are rebuilding their lives. 

Afghan women are facing enormous obstacles.

  • 85.1% of women have no formal education
  • 74% of girls drop out of school by 5th grade
  • Only 1% of girls in rural communities attends school
  • Nearly 79% of women are illiterate
  • The average salary is just 48 cents a day
  • On average, Afghan women give birth to 7 children
  • 1 out of 8 women die from causes related to pregnancy or child birth

But since Women for Women International began working in Afghanistan in 2002, more than 38,000 women have received training to help them reclaim and rebuild their lives. As attitudes towards women and gender roles shift, women can claim equal partnership and responsibility for the future of their country

Join us in viewing this powerful The NewsHour on Friday March 20 at 7pm ET or check your local listings.

Learn more about Women for Women International’s work in Afghanistan.

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