Lisa Shannon joins the Enough Project and STAND for On the Road Speakers Tour


On March 3, the On the Road Speakers Tour stopped by UC Berkeley to educate students about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The panel included actress and activist Robin Wright Penn, Jimmie Briggs, an award-winning journalist and author, Candice Knezevic from the Enough Project, Francisca Thelin, and Lisa Shannon, founder of Run for Congo Women. The On the Road tour visited UC Berkeley after holding a discussion at also Oregon State University the day before.


The On the Road Speakers tour builds awareness and presents a message of hope to engage individuals and groups to advocate for the protection and empowerment of Congolese Women and girls. The panel presented information about the conflict in the Congo and the resulting epidemic of sexual violence against women and girls. Francisca Thelin, a Congolese-American, shared first-hand accounts of the challenges facing Congolese women.


YOU can show your support for Congolese women and children. Join the movement of activists who can advocate effectively for change by visiting 


Students can join STAND as they seek to unite students around the world in a permanent anti-genocide constituency by checking out


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