Charity Soccer to support Women for Women International

Nabila Parvez, a junior at Richard Montgomery High School learned about Women for Women International’s mission when she began volunteering at our DC office in summer 2007. She was moved by the courage and resilience of the women participating in our programs. Nabila wanted to make her classmates more aware of the challenges women survivors of war face and help support them as they re-build their lives. Nabila was determined to engage her school and her community – so she embraced her love of soccer to host a Charity Soccer Tournament that would support Women for Women International. Nabila encourages other teenagers to support non-profit organizations like Women for Women International because it is “empowering to feel like you’re fighting back against the horrors of war.” Thank you Nabila for all of your hard work!

To learn more about how you can host your own event at your school, with your team, or elsewhere in your community, visit our Get Involved Page!


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