Celebrate Mother’s Day with Women for Women International

Mothers around the world share the same hopes and dreams: they want to care for their children and families; they want their children to have bright futures and live in peace. Make this Mother’s Day a joyous occasion for mothers everywhere by making a donation to Women for Women International.


Send a Mother’s Day Card. When you make a donation, we’ll send a handmade Mother’s Day card to honor an important woman in your life. The cards were hand crafted by Women for Women International’s participants in Rwanda.


Here’s How It Works:

  • Click on the Donate button to go to our Mother’s Day Donation page
  • Complete the information and choose either a card to be mailed to your recipient or an Ecard to be delivered via email
  • Give us the name and address or email address of your honoree and we’ll send the Mother’s Day card at right to arrive by Sunday, May 10th.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery of mailed cards in time for Mother’s Day for donations received after May    6th. To ensure timely delivery of your Mother’s Day donation, please instead choose an Ecard.


Visit Women for Women International’s Mother’s Day 2009 page by clicking here.


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