Media Alert—Zainab Salbi to Speak in the CNN Newsroom

CNN Newsroom

Media Alert

 Who: Zainab Salbi

What: CNN Newsroom

When: Thursday, June 4 at 1 pm ET (check local listings)

 Women for Women International founder and CEO, Zainab Salbi, will be featured on CNN Newsroom. Zainab will provide commentary on President Obama’s diplomatic efforts to reach out to the Muslim world via his upcoming speech in Cairo, Egypt and  the inclusion of women’s voices in that conversation.

 The women we serve, many of whom are Muslim, are facing enormous obstacles. But since Women for Women International’s inception we have served more than 146,000 women and helped them reclaim and rebuild their lives. As attitudes towards women and gender roles shift, women can claim equal partnership and responsibility for the future of their country in all parts of the world.

Watch as Zainab thoughtfully adds her view to this pressing international issue Thursday, June 4 at 1 pm ET or check your local listings.

 For more information about Women for Women International, please click here.

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