Author and Women for Women International Supporter will donate profits from book sales

Jenna D. Barry, a supporter of Women for Women International, is the author of A Wife’s Guide to In-laws:  How to Gain Your Husband’s Loyalty Without Killing His Parents.

In honor of Women’s Friendship Month, Jenna will donate 15% of the profits for every book sold on September 24, 2009 to Women For Women International.  The book is available at,, or

“Jenna’s work has been a beacon of hope for those who struggle with one of the most difficult relationships– the in-laws.” (Hitched, a magazine that entertains, educates and inspires marriages)


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One response to “Author and Women for Women International Supporter will donate profits from book sales

  1. margot

    Women need to step up to the folly of men. Especially in those countries where the power of women is the least. Men hold it captive so they can continue in violence. What if the women showed the way. Whispered forgiveness, showed another point of view. We are strong and wise. We stay calm to the things men enrage about simply through the chemistry of being a women. They need us. Where they have dimmed our voice, they are not hearing reason and love. That is what we offer. How can we, through our love, help to show these men the folly of killing and wars and retribution. It is never a wining scenario to continue on in these things, it only creates more horror. Through the goodness in us all, we can change and allow the existence of each other, each to continue on their own journey of learning and living, while still living a life of peace for ourselves.

    Please women, let us be the voice of reason that rings through the earth and whispers in our gentle way the way of wisdom to our men.

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