Join Our Webchat Conversation: “Our Blueprint for Peace”, October 26th, 2009

On Monday, October 26th, join Zainab Salbi and hundreds of other Women for Women International supporters from around the globe for a webchat. The converstation will be called “Our Blueprint for Peace: Safe Havens for Women”.

Through our Women’s Opportunity Centers (WOCs), for the first time in their lives, women survivors of war will have a place to call their own. The WOCs will be more than just buildings. They will be at the very heart of the community filled with women who are learning, growing, gaining new skills, and taking control of their lives.

We want to hear from you, so please feel free to enter in any of your thoughts, ideas, or questions.

Join us October 26th, 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT. Talk to you then!


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2 responses to “Join Our Webchat Conversation: “Our Blueprint for Peace”, October 26th, 2009

  1. Mary Jean Baxley

    Keep up the great work. I have just returned from helping in Kibera slums/Nairobi Kenya and have written magazine articles about Violence to Women in Sudan and recently on Women and children in Kibera. I volunteer with refugees from Burma and Sudan. Their stories are heartbreaking.

  2. Colleen Kelly

    I am so moved by this organization and the energy I see it gathering as it builds I can’t stand it! It’s the light at the end of the tunnel for actually attaining world peace, one woman at a time. Someday, when enough women have gathered in this spirit of oneness, it will ignite like a rocket and the world will be changed forever. I thank you all for being on the leading edge.

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