Gather the Women Event Raises Money and Awareness for Women for Women International

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On Sunday, October 18th, a group of women gathered at The Canvas in Juneau, Alaska for an afternoon of conversation about the strength and perseverance of women around the world.This event was sponsored by Gather the Women.

Barbara Belknap, the Gather the Women Regional Coordinator in Juneau, and Darcy Lockhart brought together a number of women from around their community to spend the afternoon making cards for our Women for Women International sisters and having conversations about ways in which we can make the world a safer place for women and girls.

Women for Women International is very encouraged that conversations like these ones are being had. The more people talk about the issues that are occurring in our world, the greater the chances that real change will occur!

Many of those who attended this event also made donations to Women for Women International. Thank you so much for your support, women of Juneau! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and admired!


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