Sunday Brunch Raises Money for Women for Women International!

On Sunday, November 8th, Lorraine Dusky and Anthony Brandt hosted their third event for Women for Women International at their home in Sag Harbor, New York. They gathered some of their friends and together indulged in an extravagant brunch.

Lorraine currently sponsors three sisters in Afghanistan. As a way of representing the culture of her sisters, she wore an Afghani wedding dress decorated with an Afghan silver pin. She then spoke to her friends about why Women for Women International means so much to her. She read to the group letters from her sisters that have deeply affected her. She also showed our Women for Women International event promotional DVD and spoke more about the mission of Women for Women International.

Altogether, this event raised $1,460! This money was a donation from sixteen different donors. They are intending to use this money to sponsor 3 or 4 new women!

Thank you so much for your support Lorraine, Anthony, and all others who participated in this event! Your support is greatly appreciated and admired!

To find out how you can host an event like Lorraine and Anthony, please feel free to visit our events page on the Women for Women International website ( or contact me at


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