Check Out Tami Briggs’ New Book, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy

In author Tami Briggs’ newest release, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy, 31 women from around the world share their insightful stories to help the world heal.

From Nebraska to the Netherlands, India to Iran, and Serbia to South Carolina (and many other U.S. states), the 31 women featured in Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy are all gifted healers. As they share their stories, they give us many insights on how to help heal the world. Some work for corporations and institutions; many of them are self-employed. They are from all walks of life, doing extraordinary things to help make our world a better place. In this book you will read about life-changing experiences from authors, artists, consultants, nurses, educators, leaders, and therapists – creators all.

You will find these 31 vibrant women remarkable – truly inspirational, motivational, and encouraging. Both men and women have much to learn from them! They epitomize community and a strong support network, as they teach us about connecting – to our own hearts and to each other. They hold nothing back as they leave their beautiful legacies and exemplify this for you. The women in this book have found their voices of vibrancy and they invite you to do the same … it is time!

The author of Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy, Tami Briggs, has graciously chosen to donate 5% of the proceeds from her book to Women for Women International! Thank you, Tami, for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please go to



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2 responses to “Check Out Tami Briggs’ New Book, Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy

  1. Jen,
    I am just starting with this organization. Have not yet recieved my packet. Is there a way we could start posting blog links of sponsors so women who are supporting can share their experiences with one another in their blogs? It might help recruit as well. As of yet I don’t have any women for women stories to blog about but once I “meet” my sister I’m sure I will want to share it with my friends.

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