“Join me on the Bridge” on International Women’s Day!

With the tenth anniversary of the UN Millennium Development Goals in 2010, we are given pause to reflect on the tremendous work left to be done in order to eradicate poverty and achieve equality for all the world’s citizens.  70% of the world’s poor are women and 75% of the civilians killed in war are women and children. 

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, site of over 5 million deaths and hundreds of thousands of rapes in a conflict spanning more than a decade, women are imagining peace. They say peace means being able to live and to work freely. They see peace as walking to the fields without fear of rape; they envision a more prosperous future, harvesting from the fields the fruits of their own labor. Yet war wages on. 

To honor the resilience of these and the millions of other women survivors of war around the world, Women for Women International is hosting a global campaign – Join me on the Bridge – which will unite women all over the world in a global women’s movement showing that women can build the bridges of peace and development for the future.  On March 8, 2010, women will stand together on a bridge between Congo and neighboring Rwanda to demand peace and development.  Supporting them in their call for the war’s end will be thousands of women (and men!) around the world – all of us collectively saying no to war and yes to peace and hope.

We are now asking YOU to get involved on March 8!  You can join us at one of the events we are planning in New York City or London, or you can organize your own gathering, large or small, on a bridge in your town!  If you don’t have a bridge nearby, just form a “human bridge.”  Be sure to take plenty of photos and videos to help us capture bridge events from all over the world and make an international statement!  To get started, download our step-by-step toolkit here:  http://www.womenforwomen.org/help-women/files/Bridge_Grassroots_toolkit.pdf

See you on the bridge!


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  1. We’ve picked up the Bridge challenge and are hosting an event in Northern California (Vacaville) on Sunday, March 7 to reach out and support these amazing women in Rwanda and Congo. If you live in Northern California (or want to come visit), please check out our event at http://www.AfricaWeConnect.org and sign-up to join us. Or if you have any questions, call me at 707-446-1754.

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