Join me on the Bridge: Special Assignment

Calling all supporters and participants in our Join me on the Bridge campaign for International Women’s Day.

We are currently compiling video footage to create a special Join me on the Bridge PSA (public service announcement).  The goal is to use this PSA to show the world what we’re doing and invite them to JOIN US!  And… we want YOU to be a part of it!

Here’s how:

Step 1:  Using any video camera (flipcam, webcam, digital camera), film yourself saying “Join Me.”
Step 2:  Email your video clip to
Step 3:  Keep your eye on our Join me on the Bridge website between now and March 8 to view the PSA and see if YOUR clip made the cut!

Guidelines and tips:

1) Please be sure that lighting is good and we can see and hear you!
2) Please be sure that you film at least two seconds before and after delivering the line “Join Me” (so that we have some wiggle room when editing clips together)
3) Please be sure that the clip you send us is no longer than 9 seconds long.
4) Be creative!  Get a group together to deliver the line!  Or do it in a different language, or even by using art or music.  Or film it in the great outdoors in your town.  This is your chance to show us and the world your support for women survivors of war as they rebuild their lives toward a better future.

The deadline for emailing us your video clips is 5pm eastern on Thursday, February 11.  Thank you and good luck!


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