Cresthill Middle School Speech Contest and Jump Rope-a-Thon

It’s never too early to start learning and caring about the lives of women around the world. We’ve been reminded of this by 146 8th graders at Cresthill Middle School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The Explorers Team has recently been studying Africa and was inspired by their teachers to help people there who are suffering from poverty. Each student got to research a different African aid organization and make a speech about it, and Ivonne, shown below, chose Women for Women International. Her speech, written from the perspective of the “Executive Director,” won the contest.

The students then held a jump rope-a-thon to raise money for Women for Women International. The top jump-roper jumped more than 2,440 times in 20 minutes, and all together they jumped more than 190,000 times, raising $2,036.67. Some of the students were so inspired to help the women in our programs that they even gave up some of their Christmas presents so they’d have more money to donate.

Thank you, Explorers Team of Cresthill Middle School, for choosing to support Women for Women International. We can tell from all of your research, writing, speaking, and jump-roping that you care deeply about the women who participate in our programs. We’ve been told that you’ve learned the famous quote from Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” You did an amazing job demonstrating that for the rest of us.


Ivonne A. - "Executive Director" of Women for Women International (in simulation)


Explorers Team of Cresthill Middle School listening to finalist's speeches


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