Successful Awareness-Raising Events

One of the ways supporters of Women for Women International help us raise awareness and funds is through creative events that they host.  From mountain bike trips to tea parties, these events are great ways to inform family, friends, and others in your community about the work that is being done with women around the world.

For example, Melissa in Massachusetts recently hosted a yoga workshop that proved to be a huge success.  “I am so incredibly excited, and would love to do this again in the future,” says Melissa.  Dawn in Utah hosted a dinner party for friends who might be interested in sponsoring a woman.  As you can see from the photo above, this too turned out great.  “We learned a lot and feel confident that we can take that forward in future efforts,” says Dawn.

Are you interested in planning your own event to share with others your support of Women for Women International?  If so, contact us and we’ll provide you with our event tips and plenty of informational material for you to distribute.

Thanks to Dawn, Melissa, and all the other supporters who are helping to get the word out about Women for Women International — we couldn’t do this vital work without you.

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