MBC students support four additional women; plan to help even more

Students from the Mary Baldwin College student group CGIU — Changemakers for Women have made another contribution to Women for Women International. On October 22, they presented a check for $1,120 to sponsor four additional women, reaching their 2009/2010 goal of sponsoring five women survivors of war.

In between their studies, the students have raised funds in a variety of creative ways. They sold apple desserts and henna paintings, hosted a bake sale, organized a book sale and discussion group, and donated the proceeds of specially designed Mother’s Day cards. During the Join Me on the Bridge Campaign, they also got a local restaurant to donate a portion of their dinner profits.

WfWI’s sponsorship program can have a profound impact as sisters build relationships through the letters they exchange. Sarah Anne Barrow ’12, co-president of Changemakers for Women, said of the woman they’ve recently sponsored, “We are eager to communicate with her and to support her while she works to provide for her family.”

This ambitious student group intends to continue their work for Women for Women International with plans to sponsor ten more women in each 2011 and 2012. Good luck!

To read more about their important goal, click here.


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