Research needs

Dvora Liberman has been working with Women for Women International as a volunteer and is currently a student at the University of Sussex. She is using Dvora is using her dissertation to explore the work of Women for Women International. Her focus will be on how the organization works through personal relationships between women, and in particular, how women use letters to build relationships in contexts of war. To do this, she needs to be able to see some examples of correspondences between participants and sponsors.

She is seeking for some help from anyone who works or who has been helped by Women for Women International, would be willing to share some of your letters to Dvora, either by email or by post. Ideally she would like to be able to see both sides of an exchange. This may mean sharing details that are not necessarily about war or conflict but Dvora is interested in the everyday life of letter writing and will be happy to receive any kind of letter generated. She understands that you may prefer to preserve anonymity. If so, please simply delete, white out or change names in the letters you send or add a note requesting that Dvora change identifying details in her dissertation. Dvora will not to print or publish any part of the texts in any form other than for her academic dissertation which is also kept confidential except to her examiners. Dvora will be happy to send you a specific form of ‘consent’, asking your permission to use material, if you would like this.

If you’re interested, please contact Gina Seilern.

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