Linda Strohmeyer was so moved by her sister sponsorship through Women for Women International that she decided to host an event.  Not just an event to raise awareness or to raise money, but an event that would offer an experience to women like herself that would enable participants to have a heartfelt “connection” with our distant sisters in war- torn regions. The 46 participants were invited to come and create a community of their own that could actually take steps to change the world, one woman at a time. And that is what they did.  With a help of a very special guest speaker, Amber Chand, Co-Founder of Prosperity Candle and a Women for Women International partner in Iraq, participants were moved and inspired as Linda and Amber shared courageous first hand stories about women in Ethiopia, Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq,  Israel and Palestine. They shared information about the tremendous strides made worldwide towards women’s empowerment by women LIKE US whose hearts are open, who want to make a difference. Information tables throughout Linda’s home offered opportunities to support women through Women for Women’s individual and group sponsorship. 15 sisters in total were sponsored. Other opportunities to connect with other causes were also available, causes within the US and around the surrounding communities where the participants live. There was also a special focus on local women and family charities. A table with ideas for getting kids involved was a popular stopping point for many.  Prosperity Candles, made by Women for Women “sisters” in Iraq were sold (all 60 were sold out!).   One of Linda’s goal was to create a “Community of Sisters”, a group of women within her own community where she lives,  committed to getting together regularly to collaborate their strengths, energies and interests so to serve the people of our world. Their first meeting with 13 interested participants will be in February 2011.  Lastly, Linda and her husband Neal gave a Prosperity Candle as a gift to each of the participants and asked that they use the “lighting of the candle” as a means to connect with the lives of our sisters..Live the Light,  Share the Light.


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