Google Joins WfWI on the Bridge!

Women for Women International and Google are pleased to collaborate on Join me on the Bridge, a campaign honoring the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2011. Join me on the Bridge brings women and men together in solidarity on bridges around the world, celebrating the achievements of generations of women before us while shining an international spotlight on the issues still facing women around the world.

Google has always been committed to diversity and gender issues. On this important centenary of International Women’s Day, Google is collaborating with Women for Women International on their Join me on the Bridge campaign by providing exciting, interactive web-based technologies to participants. Anyone in the world can register for bridge events, check in upon arrival, and share videos afterwards.  Those who can’t attend in person can support events online via Street View in Google Maps, forming a truly global online community of support.

Google is also educating its users about women’s issues and calling them to action on March 8th. They have created a webpage dedicated to International Women’s Day and are making it easy to support a broad range of non-profit organizations working to bring advancements to areas like women’s economic security, education, empowerment, equality, health and safety.

Women for Women International works in regions of conflict and post-conflict, helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives. To the women enrolled in the organization’s year-long program, Join me on the Bridge represents the opportunity to raise their voices, call for peace and security and, with Google’s help, stand in virtual solidarity on March 8th with the women and men around the world who support them.

Join us! Be part of this exciting collaboration, because while “one woman can change anything, many women can change everything.”


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