Guest Blog from WfWI Partner, Yellingbo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From the good oil to the good fight

Father and son, Jeremy and Howard Meltzer, produce Yellingbo Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil on their family grove in the south of Australia. This delicious oil is now featured in Williams Sonoma across the US. The New York Times calls it, ‘Liquid Gold’.

Besides making olive oil, Jeremy is a passionate supporter of women and girls’ development. He is a White Ribbon Ambassador and now a social entrepreneur. Yellingbo recently partnered with Women for Women International, and donates 5% of profits from its Williams Sonoma sales. Online, when you buy direct from, you can now send Yellingbo’s in-build donation to WfWI, and if you choose, add to their donation at checkout. This social enterprise platform is unique. Jeremy calls it “2+U=Change.”

How did this all happen? As we know, there are very few men who work passionately in this space.

Jeremy lived in Cuba over 10 years ago, where he spoke with many women who had stories of abuse from the men who supposedly loved them. Jeremy explains, “What I found equally shocking was that women accepted and believed this was how all men behaved. These women often believed a man’s violence was an expression of his love!”

Jeremy was moved, disturbed and knew if he could, he had to find a way help. “All our beliefs and conditioning can be shifted, when presented with an alternative. Our common humanity demands that we at least try, especially when the suffering is so great,” Jeremy believes.  He points out what the UN now asserts that “violence against women is the most systematic and pervasive human rights abuse in the world.”

There are still too few men who work towards women’s empowerment. Jeremy believes the best way to change this is to change the paradigm and the language. “We must communicate the opportunity – for all women and men, when the women and girls in our lives are protected, educated, and actively supported to realise their highest potential.”

It’s hard to argue with that.

Here’s to delicious olive oil!


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