A Conversation with “Model Citizen” Josie Maran

It takes more than a pretty face to be a model citizen—but in the case of supermodels Josie Maran, Petra Nemcova and Angela Lindvall, it sure helps. They may be famous for their beauty, but these three activists are committed to improving the world we live in, brining new meaning to the term “model citizen.” That’s why the eco-beauty maven behind Josie Maran Cosmetics tapped fellow models Petra Nemcova and Angela Lindvall to join her in creating limited edition artwork for the bottles of her signature Argan Oil to benefit the causes they believe in. Josie, a committed supporter of Women for Women International, chose to dedicate her limited edition bottle to the organization.

We recently had a little Q&A with Josie to get her thoughts on the inspiration for this fabulous project.

Why did you choose Women for Women International for this project?

The mission of Women for Women speaks to me on a really deep level. When I reflect on the times in my life when I needed support and guidance, it was the women in my life who uplifted me. As a strong woman,  I wanted to pay it forward. I truly belive that women supporting one another can really change the world.

What do you find inspiring about the work WfWI does?

I love that Women for Women inspires and supports women worldwide to become self-sufficient. I think women are born creators, so giving them the tools to rebuild their lives in the wake of disaster is a a beautiful way to help them recover. It also encourages men to recognize women as leaders in their community.

How does this tie in with your Model Citizen campaign? What are the key goals of the Model Citizen campaign and why was it important for you to create this initiative? As a model, I’m always asked what I think “beauty” means. To me, doing good is a beautiful thing. That’s why I set out to make healthy, natural cosmetics that make women look and feel great, and are also great for the planet.  To celebrate Earth Day this year, I wanted to give back in a bigger way, so I teamed up with two supermodels who feel as strongly as I do about natural beauty and sustainability. 

I want our Model Citizen campaign to bring awareness to the causes the campaign supports: Women for Women International, Happy Hearts Fund, and Healthy Child Healthy World.  I’m thrilled that Josie Maran Cosmetics will be donating 10% of the price of each of our bottles to these organizations. Making a difference in people’s lives and for the environment is one the things I love most about my job, so I’m hoping our first Model Citizen campaign will lead to more collaborations like this in the future.

How can women here and worldwide be model citizens in their communities?

Becoming a model citizen means being aware of the world outside of your own little bubble, and doing what you can to improve it. One of the simplest ways to contribute to positive change is to vote for what you believe in by shopping with socially and ecologically responsible companies, making better choices for ourselves and the planet.

What design did you choose for the limited edition 100% Pure Argan Oil bottle that will benefit women survivors of war through WfWI? What do you hope it conveys to consumers?

My bottle shows women hand in hand. I wanted my bottle to be a celebration of women lifting each other up. When I think of the people I turn to for advice, inspiration, and support, it’s the women in my life who come to mind.


Josie Maran is a supermodel, mother, and the founder and Chief Eco Officer of Josie Maran Cosmetics, a company committed committed to creating Luxury with a Conscience beauty products that are both good for you and safe for the Earth.

You can purchase your Limited Edition 100% Pure Argan Oil at Sephora.com and support Women for Women International!  Make sure to select the purple WfWI design!



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