Friends + Fashion = FUN!

What started as a small idea, grew into a HUGE SUCCESS! 

Kathy Scudieri, a supporter from New Jersey asked friends and family to donate new and gently used fashion accessories for a WFWI fundraising event that she planned on hosting. The response was overwhelming. She received beautiful items many of which were brand new. She collected purses, jewelry: real gold, silver and many costume pieces, silk scarves, pashminas, leather gloves and designer clothing.

On Thursday, June 7th she opened her home to 55 women who came to support her effort. She charged a $15 donation at the door and she had four floors of beautiful fashion accessories for everyone to buy. She also had a large silent auction where people could bid on special trips, gift certificates, Waterford items, golf foursomes, cameras, kindles and special events. She even had the opportunity to sell several “Safari” trips – Half the amount was given directly to WFWI.

They had cocktails, wine and beautiful food which her dear friends donated. Her home was a buzz with lovely women who were quite generous and very happy to buy lots of goodies at bargain prices. Overall, it was fantastic!

She’s glad to report that so far she has raised close to $7,000 which she considers a miracle. She has many left over items and will be having other parties in different locals to continue to raise more money. What a fun way to bring women together, have fun and support such an incredible organization.

She wants to thank all of the women who came out to support her and for making this a huge success. More to come in the coming months.  To view pictures of her event, please click here.

Thank you for your amazing effort, Kathy! 


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